What is this?

I have many ideas and not enough time to develop them all. I list in this page these ideas and welcome suggestions, propositions of collaboration, etc.


  • crawler with node.js (design already done. need time to implement)
  • WebDasher
  • PetName add-on. Associate a domain name with a petname so that visiting this domain displays the petname in the address bar. When visiting a phishing domain, I can see right away that my petname is not displayed and be aware that it’s likely to be phishing. For instance, for my bank, I can display ” Bank ” as a petname instead of the banque domain. Could be done as a jetpack add-on as soon as the Awesome Bar API is released.
  • A cool add-on which incorporates the notion of site password
    • Unique secret as add-on preference
    • On input[@type=password], replace with my own div. Background is linear gradient with 2 colors chosen by the user (anti-phishing). Propose the domain as site name.
    • if there is already a password, propose it in priority.
  • Timeline debugger

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