A day in life

I woke up this morning and during the breakfast, I’ve been told that during the night I had been talking and said “ça arrivera”, which you could translate as “It’s going to happen” or “It will happen eventually”. I don’t remember saying that or a dream related to that, but it probably will.


I read and watched Mark Surman’s article about Mozila’s 2012 plan. It’s been a while that I’m preparing a blog post trying to explain why I disagree with the goal of “building a generation of web maker”. While I deeply agree with the goal of creating a web literate planet, I believe “a generation of web maker” is just not right. I will write about this very soon.


After my phone gets lost, I arrived half an hour late at someone’s who I’m helping for her website. A friend of her was here. At some point, about the website he said something along the lines of “please spare one or two pages if she wants to add content later to the website”.

I’ll give you, dear reader, very likely to be web literate, a second to digest this quote.


Short after, her 10 year old son comes back from school and has a look for one second at my computer. “You’re operating system looks funny”. I’m using Ubuntu.

A generation of web makers, you said?


A detour at a phone shop to have my phone blocked later, I decide to go at my favorite Chinese restaurant. I get welcomed by the usual waiter who is apologizing, almost on his knees for last time because he charged me too much. Soon enough will he have brought me seven and a half euros for something I don’t even remember.

The dinner will be followed by showing “Intouchables”, the big movie currently in France. About a rich tetraplegic who gets assistance from a younger guy who’s from a poor suburb (in France, suburbs are usually the poor areas, unlike in the US). If you ever have the occasion to watch it, do it, preferably in French. It’s really worth it.


I’m not sure what next is going to happen. I have no clue what “will happen evetually”. Maybe this blog post after all!


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