eG8 happened.
I’ve watched a bunch of videos. Including Jeremy Zimmerman improvised press conference with an amazing panel. Including Nicolas Sarkozy’s introduction speech.

And I’ve cried a couple of times.

The President of my country was clumpsy in his words. He was mostly seeing the web as an economy vector. I’ve seen some biased debates on intellectual property, copyright.

This event, by its very existence was probably the very first heavy and official collision between worlds that had never met each other before. Governments may not change their views tomorrow. This (first?) eG8 was way too economy-focused, but people have met, discussed, debated, showed disagreement. This is a change and this is a good change.
Governments acknowledge the existence of another world they should discuss with (these were pretty much Sarkozy’s own words). Things aren’t over. There are a lot of mistakes and misunderstandings, but this is a first step in the right direction.

Lawrence Lessig, Jeremy Zimmerman among several other actors of the free culture were here. They could have as well not had been invited. They were. They came. They had the opportunity to show their view, ask questions, improvize a press conference. Maybe they didn’t have enough visibility. They were at the event anyway.

I never thought I’d say that of my life, but I’m actually thankful to Nicolas Sarkozy. I strongly disagree with most of what he says, especially about the web. But I’m thankful he organized this event.


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