Road to productivity – Introduction + so far

Here is the deal. I’m unemployed, a soon-to-be-signed PhD contract on the way, a few money to last a couple of weeks and one billion ideas in my head. So I’m making the decision to work on personal projects and trying to get myself organized and as productive as possible.
This is also an attempt to better understand what is doable in a given amount of time and what isn’t.


I’m giving myself goals that are supposed to be reachable in one hour and a half. I’ll do my best to document my goals and activities on a daily basis and describe what external factors may have made me failed to reach my goals. Some goals/activities may not be listed on my blog since they may be work-related and I may not be allowed to reveal what I’m working on.

So far

I’m “officially” starting this, but since February I’m more or less already doing this. Among achievements:

By today

Among my goals for today:

  • Writing this blog article :-p
  • Review, file bugs and work on Join Mozilla-related things

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